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113 What happened to Zero Friends Recordings

This week's podcast is a mix of old Hallam FM calls and two new interviews with and Quisling Meet ( who tweet here )


Been very busy recently, looking forward to having a bit more time soon.


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Wars not make one great

I don't take a side on this awful business in Palestine and Israel[1]. For many this makes me very unpopular. But what is it possible to do? Engage in the debate on either side and you will discover some of the worst allies you can imagine will line up alongside you.

On the one hand you have those who post decontextualized pictures of dead babies, as if that proves a point. It doesn't. It's just an awful and upsetting picture. Or at least, it should be. The cumulative effect of such images streaming through Twitter and Facebook is obviously to desensitise you. The horror those who post them claim to be raising awareness of is trivialised in the process. It also ignores the fact there are nutters firing rockets out of hospitals into Israel and chanting "Allahu Akbar" in the hope they'll maim a few Jews.

On the other side you have a nation backed by US money battering a poor one senseless. The constant claims of anti-Semitism you encounter when criticising Israel about this are as damaging as the dead baby pictures. Over use of the word "racism" weakens its meaning and normalises a very fringe perspective. To listen to some people you'd think the world was full of racists. It's not. People over use the word.

I guess this is partly why my attitude to the Middle East has become: not my problem. There are too many nutters on both sides for me to have any point of view other than to clap each on the back and wish them luck. "May the best man win," would be my parting comment.

You might think that comment insulting but there are people on both sides who have adopted the philosophy behind it as their military and diplomatic strategy. It's absurd but we live in a world where people fight and die to claim a patch of land they think is magic and was granted to them by a God. Furthermore, it's insane that the worst on both sides actually believe "the best man" will win. That's why they fight. They think a God is on their side who will deliver them a supernatural victory.

Nick Margerrison.

[1] It has been pointed out to me that this first sentence suggests I side with "the two state solution". Yes, that's right, I find the idea of a "final solution" coming from either side on this issue profoundly distasteful. In that sense I take a side.

112 A chat with Adam Gorightly writer of Historia Discordia

Historia Discordia is the title of Adam Gorightly's latest work. It's a great book. Stuffed full of documents which reveal the true (and not so true) history of the religion about which I am sincere but not so serious, Discordianism.

There's an excellent review here:
It's written by friend of the show JMR Higgs, whose interview continues to pull in the downloads each month. You can go to the page with that on by clicking this:

I mention this video here:

You will be delighted to hear that our house band, Zero Friends Recordings, are now officially called "Quisling Meet" and are touring various bars in the North of England. If you wish to book them they are very reasonably priced and utterly unpredictable. Leave a message in the blog comments section, mark it "not for publication" and we will arrange the details. Either that or, follow them on Twitter, here:

Been a random week. All hail Discordia!

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Why people don't like "porn" filters

The BBC reports:
The vast majority of new broadband customers in the UK are opting out of "child friendly" filters when prompted to install them by service providers.
The industry watchdog Ofcom found fewer than one in seven households installed the feature, which is offered by BT, Sky, TalkTalk and Virgin Media.
The filters block pornographic websites, as well as pages promoting self-harm or drug taking.
[my emphasis]

I've written about censorship a lot on my blog[1]. There's a comprehensive wikipedia article that relates specifically to it here. The reason I'm so passionate about it is because I spent years working in "the mainstream media" and many of the people I admired in that industry were constantly on the sharp end of "you can't say that".

Just to context this article, I have argued in the past that Islamic hate preachers should be allowed to have their say. I'm with the extremists on the principle of free speech. We should be more like the Americans in this respect, free speech is an act of faith in the people of the UK, it's one of our nation's CORE VALUES.

I'm not a fan of free speech for fun, I think it demonstrably gave us an advantage over other nations in the past. This is because it allowed us to learn when and why we were wrong about something. If you allow even your critics to speak freely you get to hear the counter narrative to your ideas. If you have faith in the goodness of people and your ability to articulate what you think is right, you should have nothing to fear from your critics only things you can learn.

Her Majesty's Government apparently does not fully agree with this. What a terrible shame that is the case as our country was, prior to becoming a major world power, one of the pioneers of a free speech society. It's embedded in our intellectual DNA and is an idea about to come into its own.

One recent example of the terrible consequences of HM Government's state censorship over the last 50 years or so is the AWFUL paedophile scandal still emerging in the UK's news feeds. It was CLEARLY kept quiet with techniques alike to "porn" filters, such as "D-notices", "libel threats" and cautious lectures about "the public interest". The result of this suppression of information is we've stored up a lot of problems which are only now bursting like a boil onto the face of the nation.

Think I'm being alarmist? Here are but three instances where an EE phone I use for work has blocked content that is clearly not porn but certainly "politically dangerous".

The fact is these porn filters are not just filtering "pornographic websites, as well as pages promoting self-harm or drug taking". If reality were as it is here being reported this story would be a puzzler. It might even lead you to think of your fellow "subjects" as self harming, porn loving, junkies. However, it's not a true picture of events, even the most basic of research reveals this. The BBC may be misinformed, or it may be deliberately lying, my trust in that organisation is almost non-existent these days. However my faith in the general public is at an all time high. Britons are not stupid, they are not cattle and they are not your slaves. That's why they aren't signing up to these porn filters. No other reason.


111 Tony F--king Blair

Below there SHOULD be an embedded tweet. If not it's here:
David Shayler interview I refer back to:
The Dead Reds are here:
Mirrorkill are here:
My Twitter is here:
Zero Friends Recordings is still homeless, I'm half expecting a fan site to pop up though, had a lot of people asking after him. He's fine, I saw him only yesterday. He's doing a lot of LIVE gigging with his band "The Quisling Meet".

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110 A sensational new interview with Klaus Dona

The wonderful Klaus Dona joins us on the podcast in the first half. I wrote a piece on him here a while back, since then I've enjoyed hearing more about his work from listeners to The Cult Of Nick.
There were a huge number of requests for him to be interviewed by me and this piece is in part thanks to that.
Klaus tweets here: @DonaKlaus
Thanks to ZeroFriendsReconrdings for the music. He's offline but he's more productive than ever. Saw him recently. Mentioned a few listeners were wondering where he was. He sends his love.
In the second half of the podcast I mention this guy's work:
Max Igan
The best summary of the story I'm covering so far is here:

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Scottie McClue - my radio hero.

A wild eyed young McClue at work
My radio hero.

This short blog entry is to celebrate 22 glorious years of Scottie McClue. He began on Red Rose Radio in 1992. The entry itself is too short, I could go on about this guy for hours. The impact of his act on my life is enormous.

I first tuned into Scottie McClue at the age of about 14 or 15. Initially I wasn't even sure if it was a 'proper' radio station, it was so out there. I'd grown up listening to Radio 4 when it came to speech radio and Atlantic 252 for music. Initially I wondered if McClue was on CB radio or something. He denies this but I'm sure he'd pop the odd light swear word in here and there.

At the time it felt so fantastically edgy to be listening to it. What I recall above anything else was the callers, they were so extreme AND YET so real. They reminded me of the people I'd grown up with. Relatives, friends, etc. They didn't mind their p's and q's. They just said what they liked.

They were precisely the sort of people you NEVER heard on the radio back then. Nowadays it's possible to forget how powerful that was. "Reality TV" has made much from the charisma of those who are prepared to "keep it real" and so forth. If this were the only thing that was great about McClue this post would end here and I probably wouldn't have been drawn down my current career path.

What still strikes me as brilliant is the fact Scottie McClue is a "character". He's a projection of a certain specific archetype. The loud-mouthed "know it all" windbag which us men turn into as we age, whether we like it or not, is represented by McClue.

Some people HATE this part of McClue's act. To a certain extent it's his raw honesty around this which has frustrated and confused lesser programmers in the industry. I've spoken with more than one of them about it and their response is always "but if it's a character how can you know what he really thinks?".

This fails to comprehend the beauty of the device. Firstly, as a caller, that McClue is a part played by an actor should not be relevant to you when the show is asking what YOU think about something. Secondly that you cannot be sure of what McClue really thinks means when you call him he's difficult to predict. That makes for an interesting listen. Far preferable to me than getting a load of callers smugly ringing in and agreeing with the host. Finally, that you can't trust he's telling you "THE TRUTH" is a great thing in terms of the wider media because it forces you to THINK FOR YOURSELF rather than just sit there nodding along and trusting the media.

That's what I did. I remember realising that McClue could not be serious about his political world view. There were too many inconsistencies. Already, as a teenager, I was being forced to think by his "act". The reason I think that programmers get a little worried here is because the next question to follow is, if McClue isn't taking his opinions on the radio too seriously what is everyone else there thinking? In other words, are the newsreaders also putting on an "act". The answer to that question is of course, yes, yes they are. They just don't admit it.

Perhaps nowadays the notion and value of a distinct media persona is more widely understood, Jordan / Katie Price being one example. In that sense McClue was ahead of his time back then. His enormous radio audiences are to me only a symptom of the fact that when his time comes and the rest of the world has caught up with his genius, he will be a huge mainstream success with what he does.

The new world suggests to me that those with his skill are about to be needed on a bigger scale than before. The online world is opening up new opportunities to do talk radio in the over regulated UK.

I get lots of people who used to listen to my old Kerrang Show asking me how to do talk radio. If you're one of them my advice is simple, - learn from this man, he's a master.


McClue tweets here:

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