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053 Uber Conspiracy Theory Fest with Stewart Swerdlow

This interview is a compilation of various conversations with Stewart Swerdlow. He covers almost every esoteric conspiracy theory you can imagine. I consider interviews like this to be an exercise in panning for gold. Have fun!

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001-006 The Cult of Nick BONUS ft Mark Thomas / Uri Geller / Peter J Carroll

This episode features some very big name guests:

Mark Thomas - excellent comedian and political activist ... oh, and healer.

Peter J Carroll - probably the most respected living occultist in the english speaking world. His works are all classics.

Uri Geller - MrFire?

The reason it's so full of stuff is it's the first six episodes of TheCult Of Nick.

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052 Bret The Hitman Hart / Essays For The Discordian Occultist Part 3

The full unedited Bret "The Hitman" Hart interview we recorded for the old Kerrang show.

Added to this is Part 3 of "Essays For The Discordian Occultist", a series I wrote for, which is gradually gathering a following.

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Pete Doherty's problem is that people don't hear his music do hear this kind of nonsense. He's genuinely quite good but the sheer volume of press he gets makes me always think he must be a bit rubbish, like X Factor or a soap opera.

This is a story about electrocuting yourself in the brain, it boosts your intelligence. I presume this means it will only ever be done to people who are not very intelligent. That seems quite dangerous to me. I wonder how many politicians will need electrocuting in the brain? You know, to enhance their intelligence?

Insomnia is a terrible business. I assume that's what motivates this man here.


This post is here to ENSURE I post up LOTS of additional material when this week's comes out. Genuinely been too busy to get the thing finished.


051 Peaches Geldof joins a weird sex cult ... introducing The OTO

Rodney Orpheus is a great guest. In my opinion the guy has his pitch just right. A rock and roll star by day and a master occultist by night. What more could you want?

This interview is unique to the podcast and was conducted last week.

I've interviewed him previously, as becomes clear, but I think this is the first time I really manage to tie him down to some of the specifics of what it is The OTO is about. The book he's written is excellent, The Grimoire of Aleister Crowley, but I suggest if you're new to this stuff you start with his first book: Abrahadabra.

Originally I was kicking an old interview of his around then it occured to me that as we're still in reasonably regular contact it'd be odd for me not to buzz him on the phone and set up a little chat.

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050 The Cult Of Nick ft Hilmer Von Campe

This interview had a huge effect on me. It really pushed my mind in certain directions. It's controversial at points but emphasises the fact that irrational spirituality can act as a last defence against tyranny.

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