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Lee Camp's moment of clarity

It's awesome to be name checked in the above video and this kind of thing was precisely the point of the article in question, which is still available to view on The Disinfo website here: The Global Awakening.

Currently I am writing a sequel to it which will be called "The Apocalypse", or something along those lines. However, the follow up has taken about three months and I've kept having to put it to one side for a bit as the real world gets in the way.

Although I was already aware of Camp's work, I've watched a few of his YouTube videos on the website and enjoyed his contribution to the recent Peter Joseph YouTube series, I was alerted to this by the above tweet, so thanks for that Benedict.


041 The Cult Of Nick - David Shayler an ex MI5 agent who now claims he is Jesus

This week's episode of The CON features a couple of interviews with David Shayler. It also contains a cracking comment on the Lucid Dreaming episode which leads me neatly into why that is to be your first step into "the occult".
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Jonathan Ross returns to drink?

Mr and Mrs Ross - I actually love his wife[1].
As mainstream TV presenters go I've always found Jonathan Ross's style one of the least irritating. Like most creative performers he seems to go through periods of brilliance and troughs of twaddle. His major difficulty though is that it's difficult to separate his work from the news stories connected to it. 

On the BBC he was initially brilliant and then overshadowed by the fact the corporation chose to make him a prominent publicly-funded multimillionaire. His current stint on ITV is similarly eclipsed by the humiliating end to his life as the UK's face of "public service broadcasting". It's difficult to watch without considering the fact that he was once so significantly promoted by our ubiquitous state broadcaster. 

After such an obvious career peak even a slot on the UK's biggest commercial media platform seems like a fall from grace. On the one hand his audience figures have inevitably suffered, likely in part because he no longer has his show advertised on a national radio station and ITV simply cannot afford the airspace to promote him as aggressively as the BBC. However, the show I watched last night was a fun diversion and if I knew nothing of him I'd have enjoyed it for what it was: a good lightweight chat show. It's exactly the sort of thing he delivered for the BBC and which they decided to pay many millions of pounds worth of licence fee payer's cash for. 

There was just one troubling detail, and again it relates to the news stories connected to him as opposed to the fun being had onscreen, he nailed a couple of shots to help promote Justin Timberlake's new alcoholic drink. This is surprising because he made such a big thing out of not having had a drink in various interviews during his time at the BBC[2]. There are certain rules regarding the portrayal of alcohol in the broadcast media and as a result the whole skit will have been planned far more than it appeared to be onscreen. It's tempting to think Ross might have hoped there would be consequences to this return to drinking on a TV show[3]. It will be interesting to see if anyone actually cares.

Or Google "Jonathan Ross" and add the word "alcohol" to look further into this.

Nick Margerrison

[1] Oh my God! Look at his wife!! She is awesome. She did a great TV show called Jane Goldman investigates. I used to watch it on Sky TV. It involved her looking into esoteric subjects as well. She's actually perfect for me. In the event the Ross family stumble upon this blog entry, please Jane, please, run away with me!!!

[2] Thanks to an eagle eyed Anon reader for this tweet which suggests his return to drink off screen was inevitably before the TV show:
[3] The Soaraway Sun has this story here. It directly deals with the issue of exactly when he returned to drink and why he claims he initially stopped. According to The Sun it's a sign of how blissfully content the star is:
Jonathan is so happy with his lot these days that he has even started drinking again after 11 years off the sauce.

He was never an alcoholic, he just didn’t want it to get in the way of his career, as many performers have let it. He also quit for his kids — Honey, Harvey and Betty — who he dotes on.

He says: “I stopped because I wanted to be present for when my kids were growing up. I thought it would be stupid to do the job and not remember it.

“Now I have two beers and I don’t want any more. I’ll have some water and maybe some more later.” mpu
[my emphasis]
Thanks again to a helpful blog reader for this detail. The apparent typo at the end "mpu" is interesting. It might just be a typo or it could be an abbreviation that has not been removed by a subeditor. The letters can sometimes mean "minimum publishable unit". Might be a co-incidence but it's interesting to note.Understandably Ross is known to be a little frosty when dealing with the media.

Terrence Moonseed FTW

The above video is a brilliant piece. In a sense it's already very much of its time but this works as a reminder of the fast moving nature of the interbutts.

For me this video hammers home the fact we now live in an era where the "New Media" is outgrowing the old. You are unlikely to understand most of the references in it, if you're not part of the internet's growing subculture, and frankly that's what I love about it.

Nick Margerrison (my twitter)

FURTHER VIDEOS HERE: RAP NEWS History is happening

040 Stanton Friedman on aliens & ET contact

Last week's interview with Timothy Good has kind of kicked off a bit of a UFO trip for me at the moment so it's that aspect of the Margerrison archives we're plumbing the depths of again this week.

I also try to explain my Meme launching attempts.

And we get to another interesting lucid dreaming experience.

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Ming IS Merciless

I tried, without success so far, to launch a meme on Monday. It's Ming IS Merciless. It has not replicated at all yet. Here's he is in all his glory.

In my imagination he makes perfect sense: shaking his fist and speaking bold uncompromising truths about the condition of human life on earth. However, I'm floating dangerously close to forcing him as a meme now. I've put him into action quite a few times and he's yet to be replicated by anyone else. Maybe I'm onto a loser.
The idea of a meme is that it gets copied by other people and then gradually develops a life of its own. So far Ming hasn't managed to charm his way very much further than my Facebook/Twitter updates and now this blog. This one got "shared":
I suspect Ming is not yet fully fledged though. I'm not advocating his lack of mercy. He's a demon in my mind and incredibly rude. I don't agree with his words either particularly. He's just being deliberately Merciless in his descriptions of the world and its possible futures, so far.
The above example of his Merciless nature is a good one. We all know this to be true, we will one day run out of sunlight, it's just something you don't generally need to worry about. You store it in your memory after someone tells you only for a bully like Ming to go using it against you as a weapon. Here he goes again look:
There are other examples of him in action on my twitter feed. As yet though he's not a meme, he hasn't replicated. He's just a picture with some words stuck on.

Maybe it'll pick up over the week?

Beyond God and Money

"Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored." - Aldous Huxley
When Christianity was the West's main system of control some of the finest minds in the world were employed to articulate brilliant, complex, philosophical arguments in defence of the various paradoxes which sprout from a belief in the bible. These "experts" were capable of ingenious and amazing[1] responses to the major stumbling blocks presented by the religious belief systems of the day.
For example: 
If God is all powerful can he make a rock which nothing can move?
Answer: Yes of course.

Paradox: Can he then move that rock?

Either way his power appears to have limits. [2]
Wrangling round questions such as these gained articulate and clever people a lot of power and status back in days gone by. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure St Thomas Aquinas and his mates believed what they said. I'm just pointing out that a lot of it, from the perspective of 2013, seems like very clever, interesting, well-written, bo---cks.

It is often claimed similar such nonsense continues today but it is now the financial sector who will pay top dollar for you to fudge the issues[3]. Paradoxes in our monetary system are just as crushing when stated bluntly:
For example: People who need money can borrow it from a bank?

Answer: Yes of course, but they must pay it back with interest so we can reward people who keep their excess cash with us.

Paradox: So, doesn't that mean in the long term we're taking money off people who need it and giving it to those who don't?

There's a huge list of excuses as to why that's not so but no matter how you slice it, people who have a lot of money keep it in a bank and get paid cash for doing so. The more money you have the more you will be given by this process. This "interest" comes directly from those who needed it and therefore had to borrow it.

Like I said, there's a whole load of "experts" who will tell you this is not the case and that people who say it is are 'heretics' or 'communists' or whatever new insult they can cook up. Rarely though can they tackle the issue, it's easier to try and confuse it. Furthermore, as with the religious paradox, it is but one of the many issues connected to our financial system.

Recently I was listening to a BBC radio programme and a financial "expert" was puzzled over inflation. He said it was because of "non market forces", things like tuition fees. Broadly it was seen as a complex mystery and the presenter of the segment even announced "we're not worried about inflation". Then, without missing a beat, they went on to discuss "Quantitative Easing" which, if you're not an expert, effectively means printing money. You know, like they did just before the hyper-inflation that plunged Germany into the mire of the Third Reich.

I'm not for one minute suggesting these two were being dishonest. I'm just implying printing money and lending it out to people who need it, then charging them interest on repayments, has about the same success rate as the prayers of a religious scholar who finds themselves in a Cathedral surrounded by angry heathens.

The important point about this connection between religion and money is that I am not about to advocate an alternative system here. People often describe religion as a crutch and my response to this is that it's a cruel character who knocks away a walking stick from one who appears to be relying on it. Many fear that Nietzsche's prophetic "death of God" is being accompanied by a visible breakdown in law and order as our society, previously controlled by the supernatural threat of final judgement, comes apart. The possible, some would say inevitable, collapse of the Western financial system may leave an even more crippled community behind in its wake. Telling it to 'take up thy bed and walk' might be a little tricky at that point.

In other words, I accept the argument that it is easier to criticise and destroy than it is to create and you can knock over a hundred sand castles in the time it take to build one. That said the first step for an addict on the road to recovery is to recognise they have a problem. Perhaps this article is small part of that process.

Nick Margerrison

[1] I use the word "amazing" here in the sense that they could literally draw you into a maze where you could remain lost and confused for a lifetime. If you are in want of distraction it is worth looking at some of the theological works of the past, genius never loses its shine, even if its conclusions are incorrect. Once you've finished think about how your mind freezes or your eyes glaze over when the financial news comes on the radio. Picture the waterfall graphics of numbers and the jargon you're expected to understand and then ask yourself this, you're an adult now why are you still 'unable to understand' it?

[2] This argument is variously called "the immovable object" or "the irresistible force meets the immovable object". It's a classic which nowadays sits in the library of philosophy as a curious relic.

[3] If you ever listen to a Phd level or above mathematician describe what they do as being a thing of quasi-divine like beauty you can start to understand this. Mathematics is a language and a great mind, the modern equivalent of a medieval theologian, can fashion incredible arguments with it. The very best of these people do not generally get drawn into physics or chemistry but instead are attracted to the financial sector. Why? Well, you do the maths.

[4] I've lost count of the number of people who get sucked into left vs right politics and seem to think that the rising gap between rich and poor can be halted without addressing this structural problem. We reward people, with money, for being rich. That money comes from people with less money. Hence the ever rising gap between you and the world's billionaires.

039 The Cult Of Nick: Uncontrollable Lucid Dreams and the reality of UFOs

We got some vital feedback to last week's episode in the form of a comment on my blog ( ) which is read out in this week's episode. If you have been trying the lucid dreaming experiements outlined last week put your results into the comments section and we'll look at your experiences soon.

If you do go check out my personal blog, or maybe you're even reading this on it now, there's a big grey iTunes button you can click on to subscribe to the podcast.

A side note here, I forget to mention in this podcast that the interview seems to be me in my full on "true believer" mode where I totally went for the idea that ET's were real. I'm not so sure on all that these days but still consider it possible.

Nick Margerrison


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038 The Cult Of Nick: Lucid Dreams, Psychedelic Drugs and a Weird Initiation Ceremony

The long promised lucid dreaming episode.

In this week's Cult Of Nick we get into our first proper collective "occult" experiement. We will be following the popular series of essays I wrote for the Disinfo website, "Essays For The Discordian Occultist" over the next few months. I intend to return to this topic

The interviews on this podcast are with Zoe 7 and they are wide ranging. Personally I find it interesting to hear my style pick up so dramatically between the first one and the second.

I seem to remember Zoe was one of our first guests and I really dug his style, even though I might not agree with all his conclusions. Here's his website, he promises an update soon:

PS - a mate of mine wondered how to subscribe to this podcast on iTunes ... go onto my personal blog and click on the grey giant button there, easiest way.

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