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Thu 06/12/07

Talk to an old mate of mine called Jeremy Dry. Guy's a legend, got me started in radio.


Starting to feel real confidence in the show.

Choose day

Mate of mine sends me a text: "Who was presenting your show last night? It sounded like Gary Bushell."

Impy skirts

One of my best mates has a baby. He lives miles away but is able to send me a picture on his phone. I'm in awe.


A good friend of mine signs up for an online dating agency. I wonder how she'll do?


It is with dissapointment that I learn my mate Toby Foster features only a little in the new Extras Xmas special. I learn this after texting him to tell him I've just interviewed someone who gave it a good review.


The lady is coming to live with me. I'm excited and nervous.


Time seems to be going really fast. It's sort of freaking me out.


Gonna get there

Interview Keith Chegwin. He's a cheeky chirpy chappie.



We air some of my old stand up material in the form of a behind the scenes phone call. The original material is here although it was revised before being performed.


Hum jams

Mark Thomas pops into the studio. We chat for quite some time about David Shayler, conspiracy theories and other bits of nonsense. The interview will air in the New Year.

Continue in my quest to hassle the DD's.

Met a mate of mine yesterday who was up in Birmingham for the BBC's radio awards. All sounds like it was a very expensive bash. That reminds me, I must set up my direct debit for my TV licence.



My mate sends me a text message about the film Zeitgeist. I'm a little worried about the fact that I'm acting as a conduit for ideas which I may not personally agree with. However I think alternative dialogue is a good thing so brush off those worries with thoughts that it's good for people to think, simply for it's own sake.

Ickester's on the way baby!

Xmas cards are coming my way as I'm getting texts asking for both my address and my current girlfriend status. I'm crap with Xmas cards.


My girlfriend gets some sad news. Her blog is worth reading, it's better than mine.

yadnews yadsenew can;t do it.

Feeling and looking fat. Talk about football on the show. Callers are starting to get used to me but still need more spunk in them.

Tuesday 20th November.

We interview Mark Thomas and he's very funny. He agrees to come in for a studio chat at a later date. Aces.

Also I have my name analysed on air and it has quite an impact on me:

Nick - previously called "Nicky". The Y stood for a partier. When you lost the Y you chilled down a little bit - he is the glue that holds the world together makes other people look good, helpful kind, wonderful person... got a very long rope and then he will get mad...takes alot for him to bite!

I'm unnerved by how true this feels and reflect on the fact that I did change in character when I dropped the "Y" from my name. Scary.

Monday - rubber bands

Go for a pint with my mate after his interview. He seems hopeful and looked smart in his suit.


A mate of mine has an interview in Birmingham tomorrow. I like the idea of having friends who live in the City so hope he gets the job.

(Saturday) culminary

We go round to my mate's house and eat his girlfriend's "goo". We also watch Strictly Come Dancing and enjoy the whole experience.


My mate comes up and we all watch the Led By Zeppelin gig at Kerrang. This is done in the company of a group of invited listeners, all of whom are cool. The gig will be broadcast to co-incide with the actual Led Zeppelin gig. Aces.


Me and Alex and Amy spend a day watching a very dull legal DVD about what you can and cannot say on the radio. I've seen it a million times before but some of the law has changed recently.

It's living in the beyond

My mate texts me to tell me that our old collegue Jules Warren now presents Sky Sports News. That's fantastic as Jules always struck me as one of the good guys. We once argued on air about sports and he accused me of "being controversial".

13th Poo's day

We interview AQA and they're really good. We were going to grill the f#ck out of them after Alex got a rubbish reply to one of his questions but then we decide to try and get the best out of them instead.


Feels like the show is starting to really take shape. The lady stays over, I want her to move down asap. I must stop using "asap" it marks me out as a t#at.


Sit and watch a riot take place from my the balcony of my flat. I genuinely like Birmingham and almost consider the crazy nature of it part of the appeal. From a distance it looks like the police outnuber the rioters two to one but the whole thing is genuinely scary to see.

(Saturtee) Fork cough.

It's my girlfriend's mate's birthday and we go round to her boyfriend's house. He has, proudly displayed on his bookshelf, copies of Tony Robbins CD's. I'm stunned and at the same time feel a twinge of pain as, ever since I got the Kerrang gig I've sort of let all that sh#t slack off a bit. Not good. Must get back on the self help wagon.

Scooby snax.

A mate of mine (who writes a blog which never fails to amuse me) sends me the following text message:

"Update your blog quicker you bitch!"

Difficult to argue with that but I seem to be spending all of my life either sleeping or working at the moment. It's a stark contrast to my previous life.


My mate James Piekos does a stand up gig and it goes really well. Good times. He sends me quite an emotional text message thanking me for my help in getting him ready.

(Weds) Ultimate catch up

I decide it might be cool if you could sum up your life using film trailer cliches after remembering that I used to do it all the time as a kid. One particularly embarrasing memory is of me going to my mate's house on a Saturday afternoon. In my little world he was a bit of a square and he went to church a lot so the film trail as I rode round there on my BMX went like this: "He was a Christian who didn't take risks, Nick was a guy, who showed him how to party!". Man I was such a f#cking geek.

Upside down

We record Peter Tachill VS Shirley Phelps. It's awesome and will be aired soon.

Skiddle the piddle.

Do a dissapointing interview with Richard Herring, I'm a fan of his great blog It'll get aired but it'll be heavily edited. Never meet your heroes.

Edit poorts

A band called The Skies come in and do their stuff. They seem nice enough.

So ask the question...

Me and the lady have a wee adventure in my hometown. A good time is had by all.

Are you in control?

Birthdays can be fun. It's not mine but it is my sister's.

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